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avakin life hack

Avakin Life Hack Tool


Avakin Life Hack is out! So, Hello Avakin Player and Avakin Game lover, today you will be the most happiest Avakin player in the world! With just a simple click from google or another source, you discovered a big big tool for the Avakin Game. This our tool, developed in the last week by our team has been called by our managerAvakin Life Hack Tool. This is an updated version of the last Avakin Life Cheats software. Today are ready to be downloaded by you for free and has the best features in the world. Keep in mind that our software has the last version evey day.  Even if you decide to download today or after 3 days, you will be able to download the updated version of Avakin Life Hack Tool.


Our Avakin Life Cheats receives daily updates for free. We won’t ever ask you to send us you data or something else. Our Avakin Life Hack will always be working undetected and will cheat your account as you wish without risk of banning. Our free Avakin Life Cheats can be downloaded with a simple click. Can be used by everyone who knows hot to start a computer. With our Avakin Life Hack you can generate unlimited Avacoins daily for free. With our Avakin Life Hack you can generate unlimited Diamonds daily for free. With our Avakin Life Cheats, you can even Upgrade your Rank with a simple mouse click. Our Avakin Life Hack Software Tool won’t ask you to pay for the upgrades or updates and for every update, the software will ask your permision and will explain you what evey click and button will do to your computer and your account. Our software tool works fine with all mobile devices,so it’s working on iOS and Android devices too. Also, our tool works fine on all operating system without a doubt. If you choose to download our Avakin Life Hack Tool you will receive for free 24/7 support to all our products for a year starting with the download moment.

In order to download this tool, you must read all this article about this tool in order to know how it works. Then, just go bottom to the download links and choose one for downloading it, all of them will redirect you to Avakin Life Hack Tool  free. Third, just extract from the archive and run Avakin Life Cheats and this software will deffinitely run without any issue. Please selecte your device tool, Android / iOS, computer or other and press detect button. After pressing detect button , wait 2 seconds in order to detect your software. After detecting your device tool, play for free with Avakin Life Hack Tool as you wish, go and add how many Avacoins and Diamonds you want. Enjoy our Avakin Life Hack Software every day and every hour!



Avakin Life Trainer


avakin life hack



Avakin Life Hack Tool most important features:


  • Add unlimited gems
  • Add unlimited avacoins
  • Ability to choose between adding or not the wanted features
  • Possibility to select your amount and add it directly to the game
  • Works great with Android, iPhone or other devices
  • Don`t need to root or to jailbreak your device.
  • An improved anti ban script that protects the user
  • Log-Cleaner Script that will hide all of your info
  • Fast working system



How to use the last updated Avakin Life Hack Tool? Just follow the next steps:


  1. Start the game and connect yourself to it by adding your info.
  2. If you use it with your Android or iOS device you will first need to connect your device to the PC through a USB connection.
  3. Wait a couple of seconds so that it will automatically connect to the game. It usually takes a few moments but you can wait more it depends on your device.
  4. Choose your wanted features and select your wanted amount. You can add unlimited resources if you wish to do so.
  5. Click on Start Hack and this software is going to begin adding the resources to your game. You need to be patient now because it will take a few moments.
  6. Wait until the hack adds the features.
  7. Open the game and use the features.


 Avakin Life Hack – Add lots of Avacoins and Diamonds


avakin life hack


Number of Downloads: 8176 

Updated and working as of:




Learn More About Avakin Life


Avakin Life is a life simulation game which brings to you everyday life. You will manage to chat with friends and explore the surroundings by using this one. You can just meet new people in the game without using any dating app . You can just take advantage of it every time you would like. This one brings to you an enriched 3D environment and you can just explore it. You can create a custom avatar. Use it within the game because it will represent you and you will have fun with it. You can also check for new and improved addition to the game because it will always update in order to bring to you new features. You can also manage to compete with others in order to see who designs the best apartments and you can win different prizes in the game. Create real and lasting friendships in the game by choosing this one. Manage to have fun with it because you will never need any similar game. You can also rate your apartment or other people apartments by giving them starts. Usually a 5 stars rating is the best in the game but you can choose different ratings if you want to give someone your opinion on the apartment. You can also always design your own and give yourself your desired rate for yours.

The most important and interesting things in this game are listed in the list below:

  1. You will also be able to design your home and your apartment and live the life you have always dreamed of. This isn`t a simulation game because it will bring to you all of the good things related to the real life. It will bring to you 3D chat, freedom to move and even meeting new people. You will also be able to sell your apartment or to rate other apartments and the game will regularly bring to you the newest updates so that you can just use them out. Avakin world is made up of different spaces which can be public or private so you can join the public ones but you will need different access grant in order to use the private ones. Social spots are places to meet new people and the apartments are areas that are always owned by different people in the game. Just use this one out so that you will have a great game experience with. You can just open the worlds and scroll through it in order to see it. You can also access the menu by clicking on the World menu that will bring to you the full map of the world so that you will manage to see the full scale of the game. ava2
  2. Social spots are also a thing in the game and you can access those spots all of the time. Here is usually the place where you can meet and socialize with other player of the game and why not making some great friendships.
    You can visit:

    • Bars
    • Restaurants
    • Parks
    • Malls                        unnamed
  3. Chatting is also a good thing in this game because by using it you will manage to meet a lot of great people that are going to bring to you your desired friendship. The public chat messages are white but you can always select your most wanted color that you like. You can also chat privately and you can just use this one out in order to do so. Usually private chat is colored in pink in the chat log.
  4. Friends are also an important part of Avaking because you will manage to make new friends by sending them a request. Once received the request a friend can accept or reject the request via a private message screen. You can talk with your friends that you have in your friend list. You can also send a mail to each friend in your list and you can also receive mails from your friends. You can also see how long they were connected and even when was the last time they were online.ava4

By using the Animations you will let your avatar to express its feelings and you will manage to use all of the moves the game has to offer. Some of the most known moves in it are: Actions like wave, Dance, Emote which will bring your wanted emotions such as facepalm, disagree, agree, applaud or pose which will change your Avakins stance.

Shopping is also an important feature in the game because it will bring to your Avakins all of the desired things that you want in the game. You can buy Apartments, petkins, furniture, animations, clothing and even makeup. You can also gift shop so that after you finish shopping you can send it as a gift to a friend of yours.

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